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Thank You

posted 12 May 2016, 06:41 by Steve Canniford   [ updated 12 May 2016, 11:09 ]
I had the pleasure of attending Sam & Emma's Wedding Party recently (Yes, Sam is now married!). It was good to see Sam relaxing over a pint or two, although he did say to me at the time, that he found the spotlight, especially when cutting the cake, more daunting than playing Mark Selby the Crucible! In our brief chat he expressed his heartfelt thanks for the support and wonderful words of encouragement that he had received throughout his snooker career during the good and the not so good times. Support from his wife Emma, Mum, Dad, Family and Friends obviously means a lot to him. During his recent World Championship campaign he was also taken aback by the kind and supportive messages received from people, some whom he had never met. He asked me to extend his thanks to all his followers, sponsors, supporters, well-wishers and to anyone else that sent him messages of support and gratitude. I got a sense that Sam was humbled by the whole experience and that he feels that he has, at last, arrived at a point from which he can push on towards the elite band of players who make a comfortable living from the game......and if in doing so he can entertain that he is in a privileged position.