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Northern Ireland Open

posted 23 Nov 2016, 13:10 by Steve Canniford
Sam got off to a dodgy start in the first match after turning up late. There was an accident en-route which held up the traffic so Sam had to take to Shanks's Pony. Furthermore his phone was out of power, he had a 4 mile trek and he was not sure which way to go!.....Things were not looking good. He eventually got to the venue but was docked a frame for being late. He then went two nil down before he started to hit some form....three quick frames and he was three two up. He then lost the next before running out with a fine 106 in the last frame to win 4-3. Phew! Sam doesn't do exercise.... 

Against Marco Fu in the next match they shared the first four frames, Marco made a 118 to take the next frame before Sam dug in and crafted two frames to win 4-3. In the last frame he was forced to buld a break using the green as the big colours were tied-up. 

Sam was to lose his next match against Gary Wilson 4-3 but he feels that he is playing well and is in a confident frame of mind.